How to kiss in different ways perfectly(with pictures)

Kissing is a practical way of expressing your love and affection to your partner or loved ones. So the question is why we humans only kiss each other? why don’t other living creature kiss? The answer is kinda complicated, some says that other creatures don’t have lips like us. Some says that kissing is for humans only. Other creatures have their own way to express love, like rubbing forehead, nose and licking each other. Some says that kissing is originated from ancestral parents, who used to chew food in their mouth and feed it to their young ones. Later this evolution recognised as “kiss” which is used to express love.

Types of kiss in modern world

Evolution of kissing is updating day by day. In Modern world there are many different way and style to kiss and express your love to your partners or loved ones.

Forehead kiss

Forehead kissing

This is most common technique of kissing. Which is mostly done to express admiration, care and love. Done mostly between best friends, family members and couples.

Kissing on hand

kissing on head

This is one of the romantic way to express love and respect to your partner or older(loved) ones. Mostly done for confessing love or showing huge respect

Air/flying kiss

Air Kiss

It is generally a western culture of greetings. People just touches each other cheeks and “Muaah” in the air. Mostly done in wealthy families.

Cheek kiss

cheek kiss

It’s also a common way of expressing love and care. In some parts of world it is also being practised as greetings and good byes.

Eyelid kiss

eyelid kiss

When a couples falls in love while looking at each others eyes.

Lip kiss

Lip kiss

When you want to feel your partners lips with your own lips just by sticking each other lip for few seconds. Mostly done between lovers in private before starting any sexual activities.

Tongue/lizard kiss

Tongue kiss

This technique is mainly for whom who loves to use their tongue while kissing. It’s a another sexual kiss done between lovers in romantic nights.

Seductive kiss/smooch

seductive kiss

Kiss, which people do during sex with their partners. They give all they have to seduce their partner and charge them sexually. It’s often called hard/deep or smooch.

French kiss

french kiss

These is one of the hardest and effective way of kissing, which is done between lovers. Its a sexual kissing technique which are done in private. In this technique people usually uses their both lips and tongue for saliva interchange.

Neck kiss/bite

neck bite

During kissing or making love, when someone gets too sexually charged. They tries to lick/kiss or bite their partners neck or any sensitive body part. Oftenly called love bite or vampire kiss

How to kiss your partner to make love

Nowadays no one wants an unaware brat. Here, I’m pointing “unaware” to those people who don’t know anything about sex and sexual activities not those people who are virgin. Some people out there are virgin yet they know lot about sex. On other hand there are some people who don’t know anything about sex even if they are not virgin. So this topic is all about getting aware of how to kiss your partner.

Make sure weather your partner wants to kiss or not

Make sure weather your partner wants to kiss or not

This is first and most important point. I know it’s hard to read mind or guess what your partner is thinking unless you know him/her for long period of time. This point is important because some people out there are shy, feel uncomfortable or feel disgusting to get that close to someone. It’s varies person to person.

Make sure you’re clean and smells good

Make sure you're clean and smells good

No one wants to be with an unclean person who got a foul smell from his/her body. So before approaching make sure to take a bath and smell fresh as much as possible. Freshness gives a kind of positive vibes for both sides.

Make sure your breathe don’t have foul smell

Make sure your breathe don't have foul smell

Some people have foul breathing smell even they brush everyday. If you’re one of those then try having mouth fresheners. People just hate bad breathe, it kills your impressions towards your partner. Remember if your first impression is poor then you’ll barely have any second chance.


Get close to your partner and softly grab his/her waist. Then make sure if he/she feels comfortable then slightly pull him/her towards yourself. Approaching is very much important in dating. If you want a successful date with someone then observe the ways of approaches your partner loves.



After getting close to her trying touching his/her neck and back head while softly pulling your partner towards closely. Remember touching is first step for romance.

Be slow and gentle

Be slow and gentle

If you want feel the real kissing feelings then close your eyes and slowly touch your partner’s lips with yours. Forget everything and just think about your partner. If your partner is talking the lead then just go with flow. If not, then follow the down steps.

Use your lips

If this is yours and yours partner’s first time then you have to take the lead and teach her the way by your lips. Slightly open your mouth and invite your partner’s upper/lower lips between your lips. Then interchange the upper lip to lower lip and vice versa.

Go for French kiss or any type you want

Go for French kiss

As we all know French kissing is one of the romantic kisses of all time and its trending among couples. If you find everything is going well then you can move into second round. Just slightly open your mouth and your partner do it. Remember use only your lips not hands or teeth. Slowly dip your tongue inside your partner mouth or make him/her do it. You can just roll on your tongue or simple play with each others tongue. This helps to interchange more saliva and secrete more hormones.